Illinois Supreme Court rules against Rock Island Clean Line

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled on September, 21, 2017 that Rock Island Clean Line does not qualify as a public utility and found the Illinois Commerce Commission lacked legal authority to issue the certificate of public convenience and necessity under section 8-406 of the Illinois Public Utility Act. This unanimous decision was made on the […]

Budget Impasse Could Halt State Roadwork

The reality of not having a state budget in nearly two years could pose a threat to the continued roadway work across the State of Illinois. Without a stopgap measure by the state, the Illinois Tollway will be unable to pay contractors effective July 1, 2017 and bring all work to a stopping point. Read […]

Illinois Tollway and Canadian Pacific Potential Mediation Over Land Dispute

The U.S. Surface Transportation Board seeks a mediator to solve the dispute related to land sought by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority to construct highway ramps over the Canadian Pacific train tracks just west of O’Hare International Airport. The two parties are arguing about whether federal interstate commerce laws trump the Tollway’s eminent domain […]

Illinois Tollway Moving Forward with $4 Billion Proposed I-294 Widening

The Illinois Tollway is proposing the expansion of I-294 between Balmoral Avenue and 95th Street. The goal of the project is to eliminate congestion on the tollway used by hundreds of thousands of vehicles daily. The proposed project will begin in 2020 and will take 2 years to complete. The project is scheduled for final […]

I-294 Widening Project

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority has begun planning the possibly expansion of Interstate 294 between O’Hare International Airport and 95th street to make the expressway five lanes in each direction, as opposed to four. There is a possibility that this expansion would encroach on currently held private property and land owned by the Villages […]

McHenry County Transportation Committee

McHenry County Transportation Committee is currently exploring the use of quick take powers and eminent domain powers for the completion of the highway project on Randall Road. In the February 1, 2017 agenda, McHenry County Transportation Committee is seeking a resolution for quick-take powers from the General Assembly as well as a resolution authorizing the acquisition […]