Illinois Tollway Moving Forward with $4 Billion Proposed I-294 Widening

The Illinois Tollway is proposing the expansion of I-294 between Balmoral Avenue and 95th Street. The goal of the project is to eliminate congestion on the tollway used by hundreds of thousands of vehicles daily. The proposed project will begin in 2020 and will take 2 years to complete. The project is scheduled for final […]

I-294 Widening Project

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority has begun planning the possibly expansion of Interstate 294 between O’Hare International Airport and 95th street to make the expressway five lanes in each direction, as opposed to four. There is a possibility that this expansion would encroach on currently held private property and land owned by the Villages […]

McHenry County Transportation Committee

McHenry County Transportation Committee is currently exploring the use of quick take powers and eminent domain powers for the completion of the highway project on Randall Road. In the February 1, 2017 agenda, McHenry County Transportation Committee is seeking a resolution for quick-take powers from the General Assembly as well as a resolution authorizing the acquisition […]

Private Land Railroad Construction

Great Lakes Basin Transportation Inc. (GLBT) has proposed railroad construction through privately owned land. In order to procure the real estate, landowners will need to voluntarily sell to GLBT or the firm will need to enact eminent domain. Eminent domain is a legal procedure derived from the 5th amendment that allows government and some private […]

Kane County Roadway Project

The Kane County Department of Transportation (KDOT) seeks to continue momentum for a 5.6 mile-long roadway project known as the Longmeadow Parkway Fox River Bridge Corridor. The proposed construction directly affects property owners in portions of Algonquin, Carpentersville and Barrington Hills. KDOT Executive Director, Carl Schoedel, has stated that a dialogue among the community is […]

Noorwood Park and O’Hare Neighborhood Assessors

Norwood Park and O’Hare neighborhood assessors have adjusted property values due to jet noise from O’Hare. Nearly 15,000 residents of these areas have been notified and may save a few hundred dollars per home in tax money. Cook County Assessor, Joseph Berrios, stated this is definitely the biggest evaluation to be done. In 2016, Chicago […]

CTA Red Line Extension Proposal

The CTA’s Red Line extension proposal could push multiple homeowners on the South Side to relocate. Establishing a route through multiple sections of Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood may create more convenient commuter access and foster economic development locally. Residents are divided on how the 5.3-mile extension plan, which includes four new stations, will affect the area […]