Kane County Roadway Project

The Kane County Department of Transportation (KDOT) seeks to continue momentum for a 5.6 mile-long roadway project known as the Longmeadow Parkway Fox River Bridge Corridor. The proposed construction directly affects property owners in portions of Algonquin, Carpentersville and Barrington Hills. KDOT Executive Director, Carl Schoedel, has stated that a dialogue among the community is […]

Noorwood Park and O’Hare Neighborhood Assessors

Norwood Park and O’Hare neighborhood assessors have adjusted property values due to jet noise from O’Hare. Nearly 15,000 residents of these areas have been notified and may save a few hundred dollars per home in tax money. Cook County Assessor, Joseph Berrios, stated this is definitely the biggest evaluation to be done. In 2016, Chicago […]

CTA Red Line Extension Proposal

The CTA’s Red Line extension proposal could push multiple homeowners on the South Side to relocate. Establishing a route through multiple sections of Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood may create more convenient commuter access and foster economic development locally. Residents are divided on how the 5.3-mile extension plan, which includes four new stations, will affect the area […]

Canadian Pacific and an Illinois Tollway Project

Canadian Pacific (CP) threatens to derail the progress of an Illinois Tollway project. The Tollway proposed a route through CP’s Bensenville Yard in order to create a western access road to O’Hare Airport. See the full article here.

Clean Energy Partners Pursues Construction

Clean Line Energy Partners, a merchant transmission developer, continues to pursue the construction of a high voltage direct current transmission line known as the Rock Island Clean Line (RICL). The developer appealed the Illinois’ 3rd District Appellate Court ruling, which stated the RICL does not qualify as a public utility under state law. The Illinois […]