Eminent Domain

Jarreau v. South Lafourche Levee District petition denied

November 7, 2017

On October 30, 2017, the United States Supreme Court denied a property owner’s petition for a writ of certiorari in Jarreau v. S. Lafourche Levee District, No. 17-163,  which involved the issue of whether the government must pay compensation under the just compensation clause of the Fifth Amendment when the condemnation of real property inevitably destroys the value of a business as a going concern—as the high courts of Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania have held—or whether property owners are entitled to such compensation only if the government directly takes the business itself—as the court below held, joining the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the highest courts of the District of Columbia, Montana, and Wisconsin.

Read more here: http://www.scotusblog.com/case-files/cases/jarreau-v-south-lafourche-levee-district/

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