Illinois Eminent Domain Attorneys

At Ryan & Ryan, we’re committed to helping property owners in eminent domain cases. The government certainly knows what they’re doing, and we feel you should have someone who knows how to properly represent you.

Eminent Domain in Illinois

Eminent Domain refers to the power of the state to take or damage private property for a public use. In Illinois, it’s subject to the constitutional limitation that “Private Property shall not be taken or damaged for public use without just compensation as provided by law.”

In layman’s terms: You must be paid a fair amount for your property.

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Illinois Eminent Domain Process

In Illinois, Eminent Domain can be stopped if the taking of property does not meet requirements for “public purpose or public necessity”, or the property owner is not justly compensated.

Public Purpose refers to the government’s justification for taking ownership the property. Examples that satisfy ‘public purpose’ in Illinois include:

Some Public Buildings

Simply put, this reason needs to benefit the public in some way.

Necessity refers to the amount of property needed. The government can’t claim eminent domain on land that exceeds what is necessary to complete their public good.

Find out more on if your property is subject to condemnation, and what you can do about it.

Why Do You Need an Eminent Domain Attorney?

Governments do this on a daily basis. The state has attorneys that specialize in cases involving eminent domain. We feel you should be equipped with an experienced attorney that will ensure your compensation is just.

If you’re affected by eminent domain, you should at least have a consultation to explore how fair a payment from the government may be. With over 90 years experience, the attorneys at Ryan & Ryan are a trusted partner in Illinois to guide you down a just path.

The five lawyers at Ryan & Ryan are available to meet with you and analyze your situation at no cost to you. If you retain our firm, we only receive attorneys’ fees if we are able to succeed in increasing the compensation being offered by the government. Our attorneys’ fees are paid for at the time the property owner receives compensation from the government.

Contact us today to schedule your no cost analysis.

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