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The attorneys at Ryan & Ryan have concentrated their practice in representing property owners in the area of eminent domain since 1975. Serving Chicago and all of Illinois, Ryan & Ryan attorneys concentrate in eminent domain, condemnation, and just compensation cases. We also have assisted hundreds of Illinois property owners in filing claims for relocation payments. Our Goal is to Maximize Your Compensation.

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Our Philosophy is to Defend the right of private property ownership

Ryan & Ryan believes the right to own, use, and enjoy private property is every individual’s inalienable right that should only be subject to the government’s power of eminent domain when absolutely necessary. To that end, we pledge to every property owner we represent to thoroughly investigate whether there is a way to stop the government from taking the private property and if not, to obtain the maximum amount of just compensation the owner is entitled to receive within the law. The experienced eminent domain and condemnation attorneys at Ryan & Ryan are committed to defending the constitutional right of private property ownership whether the owner is a corporation, a local business, an investor, a homeowner, or a farmer.

More On Eminent Domain:

What is Eminent Domain or Condemnation?

Eminent domain is the power to take any property for public use without the owner’s consent in exchange for the payment of just compensation. The power of eminent domain is inherent in the State of Illinois and exists independent of the Illinois Constitution, or statutory law.

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FAQ About Eminent Domain and Property Rights in Illinois

The Illinois Constitution prohibits the taking or damaging of private property for a public use without payment of just compensation.

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Is Your Property Subject to Condemnation?

Federal, state, and local government agencies have the power to take private property for public use. The power is conditioned upon the constitutional requirement that the government...

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Protecting Your Property

Ryan & Ryan will help you answer the following questions when the government is interested in taking your property through the use of eminent domain: How do I protect my...

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Illinois Road Projects and Partial Takings

Approximately 50% of the eminent domain cases handled by Ryan & Ryan on behalf of private property owners in Illinois involve land acquisitions by the government, including...

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Ryan & Ryan represents property owners in eminent domain cases involving METRA and Chicago Transit Authority (“CTA”) Projects. Ryan & Ryan represented four parcels...

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On August 21, 2020 the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued its decision in Protect Our Parks, Inc. v Chicago Park District, 2020 WL 4915631, affirming a grant of summary…

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