IDOT Road Project Impacting Private Property Owners

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IDOT Road Project Impacting Private Property Owners Along IL-47 from Yorkville to Sugar Grove

February 26, 2021

The Illinois Department of Transportation (“IDOT”) has begun its land acquisition process in Kendall and Kane Counties for the improvement of IL Route 47 from Yorkville to Sugar Grove. IDOT appraisers have been contacting private property owners along the project whose property may be impacted. Many property owners will likely be receiving written offers of just compensation from IDOT in the coming months. 

IDOT has a website dedicated to the project. This site has not been updated recently by IDOT, but it does contain aerial exhibits depicting the proposed project as well as impacts to private property along IL Route 47.

Are You a Kendall or Kane County Property Owner Affected?

A property owner’s conduct before an eminent domain case can affect the outcome of the case, including the amount of just compensation paid by IDOT. By the time a property owner becomes aware that IDOT is going to take some or all of their property or certainly by the time a property owner receives the IDOT’s written offer to purchase the property, IDOT has assembled a team of its own experts including lawyers, appraisers, and engineers to assist the government during the land acquisition phase of its project. Hiring an experienced eminent domain attorney puts the owner on equal footing with IDOT and can protect the owner’s rights.

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Ryan & Ryan has extensive experience in Kendall and Kane Counties and is currently assisting property owners on this project. The attorneys at Ryan & Ryan can assist any property owner in understanding the proposed taking by IDOT. Ryan & Ryan is available to discuss IDOT’s offer of just compensation and to explain the eminent domain process including how our firm maximizes the just compensation payment owners are entitled to receive under Illinois law. 

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