Woodstock, IL Eminent Domain Update: Route 47

More details from Governor J.B. Pritzker’s multibillion-dollar statewide transportation plan are emerging. Our team of eminent domain lawyers are closely monitoring all of IDOT’s proposed projects. We are here to uphold the constitutional requirement that the government must pay just compensation for acquired land. IDOT Route 47 Project in Woodstock, IL According to the Woodstock […]

Lake County & DuPage County Eminent Domain Updates

After the announcement of IDOT’s plan to rebuild Illinois Roads and Bridges, new details are emerging about specific projects within the $45 billion multi-year plan. According to the plan announced by Governor Jay “J.B.” Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Transportation, $23.5 billion will go towards projects for Illinois roads and bridges and $2.11 billion […]

Gov. Pritzker, IDOT Announce Rebuild Illinois Road and Bridge Projects

On October 21, 2019, Governor Jay “J.B.” Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Transportation (“IDOT”) released IDOT’s Fiscal Year 2020-2025 Multi-Year Plan of road and bridge projects across the state, which is the first to capture the historic impact of the Rebuild Illinois capital plan. The $45 billion Rebuild Illinois capital plan was approved by […]

BNSF Railway Company vs. Grohne

Change in the date of valuation in an eminent domain case allowed where there was a 25% increase in the market value of the condemned property between the date the complaint was filed and the date of taking By Michael W. Ryan on September 12, 2019        In Illinois eminent domain cases, the […]

IDOT I-80 Bridge Project

IDOT’s $848 million I-80 bridge replacement project has been described as a signature project in Gov. JB Pritzker’s statewide capital bill. This IDOT project is expected to include the acquisition of between 40-50 homes. According to IDOT, land acquisition will begin in the latter part of 2020. http://www.mywebtimes.com/2019/08/04/living-under-the-i-80-bridge/ajqn4uq/

IDOT Route 47 Project – Woodstock, IL

IDOT plans to widen Route 47 from Route 14 to Route 120 in Woodstock, Illinois to allow for two lanes of traffic in each direction separated by a raised curb median. The plans for the project also include a sidewalk and bicycle path improvements. Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office and the Illinois Department of Transportation have […]

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Private Property Owners Can Proceed Directly To Federal Court To Allege A State or Local Government Has Taken Their Property In Violation Of The Fifth Amendment’s Takings Clause

By Michael W. Ryan on June 25, 2019 On June 21, 2019, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Knick v. Township of Scott that a private property owner whose property is taken by a state or local government may file a lawsuit asserting a Fifth Amendment takings claim under 42 U.S.C. §1983 in federal […]