IDOT Route 47 Project in Woodstock, IL

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Woodstock, IL Eminent Domain Update: Route 47

February 7, 2020

More details from Governor J.B. Pritzker’s multibillion-dollar statewide transportation plan are emerging. Our team of eminent domain lawyers are closely monitoring all of IDOT’s proposed projects. We are here to uphold the constitutional requirement that the government must pay just compensation for acquired land.

IDOT Route 47 Project in Woodstock, IL

According to the Woodstock Independent, “IDOT plans to widen about five miles on Route 47 from U.S. 14 to Route 120 and – in the second phase – to Charles Road. When the project is complete, the road will consist of two lanes going each direction, separated by a raised “barrier” median. Three roundabouts are also proposed for intersections in the first phase – at Lake Avenue, McConnell Road, and Judd Street/Irving Avenue.”

IDOT to Acquire Land along Route 47

IDOT must acquire land along the corridor to make space for the widened lanes. It is currently being reported that a total of 164 parcels are needed for the planned expansion, and nine businesses will be required to move as a result of the widening of Route 47.

The IDOT FY20-25 Multi-Year Plan dedicates $2.11 billion for system support like engineering and land acquisition for road projects like Route 47. IDOT is expected to mail its offers to purchase to all affected property owners in the summer of 2020. IDOT will need to engage in condemnation and eminent domain proceedings to acquire the land needed for the Route 47 project when IDOT cannot agree to compensation with property owners.

Contact Ryan & Ryan for Eminent Domain & Condemnation Cases

All private property is potentially subject to a government taking. The attorneys at Ryan & Ryan will analyze your particular situation, whether the government is acting within the law to take your property, and to determine if the government’s offer constitutes “just compensation” (or the fair market value) of your property being taken. This includes any damages to the value of your remaining property.

The five lawyers at Ryan & Ryan are available to meet with you and analyze your situation at no cost to you. If you retain our firm, we only receive attorneys’ fees if we are able to succeed in increasing the compensation being offered by the government. Our attorneys’ fees are paid for at the time the property owner receives compensation from the government.

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