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When the State of Illinois or any other public body seeks to acquire private property located in Kane County or anywhere else in Illinois, it may only do so if it is for a public use and only upon payment of the just compensation as set forth in Article 1 Section 15 of the Illinois Constitution.

Property owners usually first become aware that all or part of their property may be taken when the public body announces a new project. Oftentimes, the public body will hold a public hearing that explains the project and project timing. Having an attorney attend the public hearing with you can be beneficial. The public body will have a team of people at the public hearing – why shouldn’t you have someone on your side? The attorneys at Ryan & Ryan are well versed in the public hearing process and can provide insight or ask questions of the public body that may not have occurred to the property owner.

There are several things a property owner should be aware of when a new project is announced that may impact their property. For example, you should not speak or interact with appraisers, agents, or representatives without first consulting an attorney. You should be cautious when challenging any tax assessment when your property may be acquired by eminent domain as that could impact the valuation of your property in the condemnation case. Do not allow the public body to enter your property to perform soil borings or any other site assessment without consulting with an attorney. If you lease your property and the property is subject to condemnation, do not amend or negotiate lease terms or any other agreements with your tenant without consulting an attorney.

Any property owner who believes that all or part of their property may be acquired for a public use should meet with an experienced Kane County eminent domain attorney at Ryan & Ryan to discuss the proposed project and ways to safeguard the property’s value.

Kane County Eminent Domain Attorney

The Ryan & Ryan team has been representing property owners for over 45 years and have represented property owners throughout Kane County, including those located in St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Dundee, Carpentersville, Elgin and Sugar Grove for various projects including:

  • The construction of Longmeadow Parkway;
  • The expansion of a PACE facility in South Elgin;
  • The widening and improvement of Route 47 & Main Street;
  • The widening and improvement of Route 64 (Main St.);
  • The widening and improvement of Route 31 & Huntley Rd;
  • The widening and improvement of Route 72 & Route 31;
  • The widening and improvement of Route 72 & Randall Rd.; and
  • The widening and improvement of Route 20 & McLean Blvd.

Whether you are a corporation, a local business, a homeowner, or a farmer, our team will help you protect your property and get the compensation you deserve.  Get in touch with us today so we can schedule an appointment and talk about how we can keep your property safe and protected.

eminent domain

Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is the power to take any property for public use without the owner’s consent in exchange for the payment of just compensation.

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Condemnation is the process whereby your property is taken by the government against your will for a public project or the “public good.”

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